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Scrap your vehicles/cars free of charge in East Sussex and these Towns

[Alciston], [Alderbrook], [Aldrington], [Alfriston], [Argos Hill], [Arlington], [Arlington Reservoir], [Ashburnham Forge], [Ashdown Forest], [Ashton Green], [Ashurst Wood], [Bachelor's Bump], [Baldslow], [Balls Green], [Barcombe], [Barcombe Cross], [Bardown], [Battle], [Beachlands], [Beachy Head], [Beacon Down], [Beckley], [Beckley Furnace], [Beddingham], [Bells Yew Green], [Belmont], [Berner's Hill], [Berwick], [Best Beech Hill], [Bevendean], [Bewl Bridge Reservoir], [Bexhill], [Birchden], [Birchett's Green], [Birling Gap], [Bishopstone], [Blackboys], [Blackham], [Blacklands], [Blackness], [Boarshead], [Bodiam], [Bodle Street Green], [Bohemia], [Boreham Street], [Bowler's Town], [Brede], [Brightling], [Broad Oak], [Broad Street], [Broadland Row], [Broadwater Down], [Broomham], [Broomsgrove], [Brownbread Street], [Broyle Side], [Budlett's Common], [Bulverhythe], [Burgh Hill], [Burlow], [Burnt Oak], [Burrswood], [Burwash], [Burwash Common], [Burwash Weald], [Butcher's Cross], [Buxted], [Cackle Street], [Cade Street], [Camber], [Canadia], [Caneheath], [Castle Hill], [Catsfield], [Catsfield Stream], [Chailey], [Chalvington], [Chapel Cross], [Chapel Row], [Chapman's Town], [Charlwood], [Chelwood Common], [Chelwood Gate], [Chiddingly], [Chilsham], [Chiltington], [Chitcombe], [Chuck Hatch], [Churches Green], [Clayhill], [Cliff End], [Clive Vale], [Cock Marling], [Coggins Mill], [Coldean], [Coleman's Hatch], [Collier's Green], [Combe], [Cooden], [Cooksbridge], [Cooper's Green], [Cousley Wood], [Cowbeech], [Cowbeech Hill], [Cowden], [Cripp's Corner], [Cross in Hand], [Crowborough], [Crowborough Warren], [Crowhurst], [Cuckmere], [Dale Hill], [Dallington], [Danegate], [Danehill], [Darwell Hole], [Darwell Reservoir], [Davis's Town], [Denton], [Ditchling], [Dittons], [Down Street], [Downside], [Duddleswell], [Durgates], [Earl's Down], [Eason's Green], [East Blatchington], [East Chiltington], [East Dean], [East Guldeford], [East Hoathly], [East Moulsecoomb], [Eastbourne], [Eckington Corner], [Eridge Green], [Etchingham], [Etchingwood], [Ewhurst Green], [Exceat], [Fairlight], [Fairlight Cove], [Fairwarp], [Falmer], [Five Ash Down], [Five Ashes], [Flackley Ash], [Fletching], [Fletching Common], [Flimwell], [Flowers Green], [Folkington], [Ford's Green], [Forest Row], [Foul Mile], [Foulride Green], [Four Oaks], [Foxhunt Green], [Framfield], [Frant], [Friar's Gate], [Friar's Hill], [Friston], [Furner's Green], [Gallypot Street], [Ginger's Green], [Glenleigh Park], [Glynde], [Glyndebourne], [Glyne Gap], [Goatham Green], [Godleys Green], [Golden Cross], [Gotham], [Green Street], [Grisling Common], [Groombridge], [Grove Hill], [Guestling Green], [Guestling Thorn], [Gun Hill], [Hadlow Down], [Hailsham], [Hale Green], [Hall's Close], [Halland], [Hammerwood], [Hampden Park], [Hamsey], [Hankham], [Harbour Heights], [Harley Shute], [Hartfield], [Hastings], [Hawkhurst Common], [Hazard's Green], [Heathfield], [Hellingly], [Henley's Down], [Heron's Ghyll], [Herstmonceaux], [High Cross], [High Hurstwood], [Highgate], [Hollingbury], [Hollingdean], [Hollingrove], [Hollington], [Holmes's Hill], [Holtye], [Hooe], [Hooe Common], [Horam], [Horney Common], [Horns Cross], [Horsted Green], [Houghton Green], [Hove], [Hurst Green], [Icklesham], [Iden], [Iford], [Isfield], [Jarvis Brook], [Jevington], [John's Cross], [Jumper's Town], [Jury's Gap], [Kemp Town], [Kingston near Lewes], [Landport], [Langney], [Laughton], [Laughton Common], [Lewes], [Lidham Hill], [Lions Green], [Litlington], [Little Bayham], [Little Common], [Little Horsted], [Little London], [Little Norlington], [Lower Cousley Wood], [Lower Dicker], [Lower Horsebridge], [Lower Street], [Lower Willingdon], [Lunsford's Cross], [Lye Green], [Lyewood Common], [Magham Down], [Manor Park], [Marden's Hill], [Maresfield], [Maresfield Park], [Mark Cross], [Marle Green], [Marlpits], [Mayfield], [Maynard's Green], [Meads], [Medway], [Mile Oak], [Mill Corner], [Mill Hill], [Milton Street], [Mott's Mill], [Moulsecomb], [Mount Ephraim], [Mount Pleasant], [Mountfield], [Muddles Green], [Mutton Hall], [Nash Street], [Netherfield], [New Town], [Newbridge], [Newhaven], [Newick], [Ninfield], [Norlington], [Norman's Bay], [North Chailey], [North Common], [North Moulsecoomb], [Northbridge Street], [Northiam], [Norton], [Nutley], [Offham], [Old Heathfield], [Old Town], [Ore], [Ouse], [Ovingdean], [Oxley's Green], [Palehouse Common], [Park Corner], [Patcham], [Peacehaven], [Peacehaven Heights], [Peasmarsh], [Pebsham], [Pell Green], [Penhurst], [Pestalozzi Children's Village], [Pett], [Pett Level], [Pevensey], [Pevensey Bay], [Piddinghoe], [Piltdown], [Playden], [Plumpton], [Plumpton Green], [Polegate], [Ponts Green], [Potter's Green], [Pound Green], [Poundfield], [Poundford], [Poundgate], [Pounsley], [Powdermill Reservoir], [Punnett's Town], [Quabrook], [Ramslye], [Rickney], [Ridgewood], [Ringles Cross], [Ringmer], [Ripe], [Robertsbridge], [Rockrobin], [Rocks Park], [Rodmell], [Roedean], [Rose Hill], [Roselands], [Roser's Cross], [Rother], [Rotherfield], [Rottingdean], [Royal Military Canal], [Rusher's Cross], [Rushlake Green], [Rushy Green], [Russell's Green], [Rye], [Rye Foreign], [Rye Harbour], [Salehurst], [Saltdean], [Sandhurst Cross], [Sandy Cross], [Seacox Heath], [Seaford], [Sedlescombe], [Selmeston], [Sharp's Corner], [Sharpsbridge], [Sheffield Green], [Shortbridge], [Shortgate], [Shover's Green], [Sidley], [Silver Hill], [Silverhill], [Silverhill Park], [Sleeches Cross], [Snagshall], [South Chailey], [South Downs], [South Heighton], [South Malling], [South Street], [Southease], [Southover], [Sparrow's Green], [Spithurst], [Splayne's Green], [St Helen's], [St Helen's Wood], [St John's], [St Leonards], [Stanmer], [Staplecross], [Starr's Green], [Steel Cross], [Steven's Crouch], [Stone Cross], [Stonegate], [Strawberry Hill], [Streat], [Stunts Green], [Summer Hill], [Sutton], [Swaile's Green], [Sweethaws], [Tarring Neville], [Teasley Mead], [Telham], [Telscombe], [Telscombe Cliffs], [Terrible Down], [The Highlands], [Three Cups Corner], [Three Leg Cross], [Three Oaks], [Thunder's Hill], [Ticehurst], [Tidebrook], [Tillingham], [Tilsmore], [Tolhurst], [Tompset's Bank], [Town Littleworth], [Town Row], [Trevor Gardens], [Trolliloes], [Turner's Green], [Twelve Oaks], [Uck], [Uckfield], [Udimore], [Union Street], [Upper Dicker], [Upper Hartfield], [Upper Horsebridge], [Upper Wellingham], [Upperton], [Vinehall Street], [Vines Cross], [Wadhurst], [Waldron], [Waldron Down], [Wallands Park], [Wallcrouch], [Waller's Haven], [Walter's Green], [Wannock], [Warbleton], [Wartling], [Watermill], [Wellbrook], [West Blatchington], [West Firle], [West Hill], [West Marina], [Westdean], [Westdene], [Westfield], [Westham], [Westmeston], [Whatlington], [Whitehawk], [Whitehill], [Whitesmith], [Whydown], [Wickstreet], [Willard's Hill], [Willingdon], [Wilmington], [Wilmington Green], [Winchelsea], [Winchelsea Beach], [Windmill Hill], [Winton], [Withdean], [Witherenden Hill], [Withyham], [Wivelsfield], [Wivelsfield Green], [Wood's Corner], [Wood's Green], [Woodingdean], [Woodmans Green], [Wych Cross],

Scrap my Car for Cash £50-£5000 Paid for any Scrap Car. EA Registered Company. Simply complete the form on the right and press submit to get a Quote. Top scrap car prices paid.

Rapid Car Scrap has an established network of scrap car recycling centres nationwide. We have hundreds of car transporters ready and waiting to collect your scrap car at a time and place to suit you.  Our customer service team is always on hand to guide you through the scrap car recycling process.  If you have any queries and you can't find the answer on our Frequently Asked Questions page, please don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail or by phone.

Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013.
The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 came into force on the 1st October 2013 and bans the payment for scrap metal using cash. The act also requires that Photo ID is taken.
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Rapid Car Scrapping is an Environmentally Conscious company. Ensuring that we dispose of vehicles in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, minimising the impact to the environment is of the utmost importance to us. undertake the removal of hundreds of scrap vehicles every week and we do so in a friendly, convenient and above all environmentally friendly way. Please look at the amount of work that is required to scrap each vehicle. Once you see this process, please ask yourself how many companies follow the correct process to scrap a vehicle.


By using a professional scrap car disposal service, you can be absolutely sure that the whole scrapping procedure will have been carried out in accordance with Environment Agency guidelines. is one of the largest vehicle disposal companies in the UK. We will not only collect your scrap vehicle totally free of charge but you can be rest assured in knowing that we will also dispose of it in a legal and environmentally friendly manner, just the way you would expect.

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The scrapping a car process shown above has been developed continually over the past 20 years. We strive to deliver a safe and environmentally friendly scrap car service. If you would like to know more about our scrapping a car process then please don't hesitate to contact us

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